Network Security

Protect your network from outsiders

A lot of business owners believe that hackers are only interested in targeting big companies, or those in urban areas. The reality is that small and medium-sized businesses in more rural locations like ours are have a greater chance of being targeted, since hackers know that they are less likely to be prepared for attack. And it’s not just hackers; security threats like viruses and spyware can inadvertently be downloaded from the Internet and bog down your network speed. This means less productivity and ultimately reduced profits.

Network Security from ABC Office Equipment offers:

  • Reporting - keep track of Internet usage at your company
  • Security - a perimeter wall is established to help keep viruses and other security threats away from your business
  • Filters - harmful or unsafe sites will be blocked
  • Mobility - safely use mobile devices including 4G throughout your office
  • Predictability - maintenance, patching and updating, virus and spyware updates, and unlimited support are done on a preventive basis

Network Security from ABC Office Equipment offers your company comprehensive protection with the most up-to-date security technologies. In addition to protecting your staff and customers from security threats, your data will also be secure.

With Network Security from ABC Office Equipment, you’ll be able to focus on your business knowing you’re protected by the most advanced technology available.