Microsoft Office 365

The Office you love, only better

A business not using Microsoft Office would be like a year in Spokane without Bloomsday; it simply wouldn’t be the same. Now you can enjoy the Microsoft Office applications you use on a daily basis but with greater accessibility, thanks to Microsoft Office 365 solutions from ABC Office Equipment. Collaborative capabilities have been improved and applications have the ability to be used anywhere, on just about any device.

Office 365 solutions from ABC Office Equipment let your company enjoy:

  • Accessibility - Office applications can be accessed from any device
  • Customization - use Web Apps in the cloud through Office 365, or deploy in-house depending on your needs
  • Collaboration - edit documents in real time with multiple users
  • Publishing options - embed Office documents into blogs and webpages for greater emphasis

ABC Office Equipment can give you access to the applications your employees need to succeed, as well as all the latest software releases from Office 365, all for a low monthly price. You’ll also get 24/7 support and a host of other features.

Best of all, Microsoft Office 365 doesn’t require you to pay any expensive licensing fees. You get the access you need, when you need it, with the ability to opt out at any time. Your business can save time and improve its bottom line.