Backup and Disaster Recovery

Disaster comes in all shapes and sizes

One of the good things about our region is that there aren’t many natural disasters to worry about harming your business. Sure, we get the odd the snow day here and there, flash floods occur from time to time, and the winds over the Palouse do get rather gusty on occasion, but realistically your business isn’t under much threat from these. However, it’s not just natural disasters you need to worry about. Other events including fires, theft or simply misplaced equipment can see your business suffer a catastrophic data loss. ABC Office Equipment can give your company the protection it needs.

ABC Office Equipment offers Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions that are:

  • Safe - files, including mission-critical ones, are always safe with our data backups
  • Speedy - a quick recovery process ensures no delays in getting back to business
  • Secure - under our watch, data is always secure and compliant with all regulations
  • Reliable - we’ll look after and manage your data 24/7

ABC Office Equipment is able to backup all your systems and have an off-site backup ready at a moment’s notice. We can help you with disaster recovery planning, data backup and recovery, remote off-site storage, virtualization of failed servers, and more.

Life may be unpredictable, but that doesn’t mean your data storage needs to be. Let ABC Office Equipment look after your backups, so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that if anything happens, you’re already prepared.